Bidder is the strategy with which we make our bids to display the ads for our clients, by receiving the information about a user from the DMP, which will be treated as a user that should receive ads, and then planning, together with machine learning, the bid that must be given to win the auction and the advertising actually appearing to the user.

This step also involves the budget available and how it will be invested in the bidding strategies. All this happens through programmatic real-time media buying auctions (Real-Time Bidding) with various practices, such as:

Open Auction: This includes all websites interested in selling their inventory. The cost per thousand impressions is more affordable in this modality;

Guaranteed Deals: It is an exclusive space where the advertiser and publisher negotiate the purchase of the space exclusively for that single advertiser, for a set time and price. This is the most expensive option, as it guarantees the space for a certain period.

Preferred Deals: non-exclusive, but we receive the auction proposal in advance and can choose whether to bid or not. It is costly due to the priority in receiving information about an available space.

Private Deals: non-exclusive, but we receive the auction bid after it has been offered and not bid on in Preferred Deals, and can choose whether to bid or not.

Through these technologies, we are able to deliver an auditable, high-quality inventory.