How does it work?

Our own technology studies the user in two different moments:

In our client's website


As they browse the web through brand banners

This way we can identify the valuable users that leave the client's website without finishing the purchase.

Afterwards, we analyse the best moment to show our client's product to the user.
In order to accomplish that, we install tags (code set) on our partners' website. Those tags are trigered as the user navigates the website.
We feed our artificial intelligence with the user's behaviour patterns and interests, allowing us to display the right content.
We carry out impression tests with low frequency settings to identify moments of interaction.
The artificial intelligence programming would result in a higher interaction and conversion rate.

Reaching a higher impact

Our banners are totally customised, following the visual identity of our customers individually. Constantly refining and improving, we aim not just to draw attention but also reach the greatest result at all times.


Retargeting consists of identifying users that have visited a specific website and show interest in its products.  In order to attract them back to the website and potentially make a conversion, retargeting will display ads to those users while 
browsing the internet.

A conversion can be a direct purchase of a product on your website, as in traditional retail, or it can also be a lead generated by a form that has been filled in by the user.

This is how big brands use retargeting to increase their conversion rate, by displaying specific messages in a precise manner to motivate the users to return to the website and make the desired conversion.
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