Digital Data Marketing

We use our own platform on every step!


By developing our own DMP we were able to guarantee an fast and centralized data integration, understanding online user behavior and purchase measuring for a quality user base. With that, we can activate our bidder and define if users are in the right time to make a purchase or if they’re still considering it. That solution allow us to achieve users at the right time and avoid invasive ads.




We are plugged into the main AdExchanges on the market, Predbid.js technology included that allows us to have access to exclusive inventory from our publisher. With that we can guarantee Real Time auctions and make private and guarantee deals through media bidding market place.




Using our own Adserver we can measure real time impression deliver, cost per user, placement, region, business, clicks and CTR. With that we avoid cross based in reports and build our dashboard according to each campaign need including deliver quality and creatives optimization through our AI and dynamic creative optimization. We also measure display frequency through impressions and identify the right time to achieve users and display a banner. Media deliver time is adjusted automatically based on user behavior from your website and we are able to make optimization in campaign cost based on this right moment to make a purchase.




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